Introducing our new division at Hill Solutions-

(RaaS) - Recruitment as a service

Scale up your staff without compromising on quality on demand.

Cut the time to hire without increasing your permanent headcount.

Maintain control over your budgets and avoid  high placement fees.

Assistance in resourcing staff during high demand periods

How RaaS works

Our accredited recruitment solutions specialists  join your team, full or part time as long as you need and deliver the resources and services you need help with – you just pay for time spent

Our Services :

Candidate Sourcing and Attraction

We save the Talent Acquisition specialists and SME's/Business Owners and Managers  time by :

  •  Passive candidate sourcing
  •        Writing and placing of specific vacancies
  •              Managing job application responses

Assessment & Selection

To shortlist quality applicants for our clients we:

  • Assess candidate applications
  •           Target industry specific candidates about their experience
  •  Conduct in-depth competency  interviews  by phone, video or face to face
  •           Organize professional assessments and background screening 

Expert Consulting and Advice

We provide guidance and advisory based on client pain points , Enhance your resources and refine your recruitment processes to ensure a guaranteed ROI